juliamalario asked:

Hi! Um, those shoes that were revealed on taobao with kitty's, (the purple ones with the spikes on the back) do u have any idea if they are for EAH or mh and if u do know, which doll? Thank you so much! 😊

dollienews answered:

Assuming you’re talking about the purple shoes in this post


Right now, i don’t know if they are for EAH or MH, However, Personally, I think they would be for Monster High, The chains suggest a Ghost character, Possibly shoes for Spectra or any other character we might not have seen yet for the 2015 “Haunted” line/movie.

Maybe one of our followers knows more about them?

Im thtinking a haunted Clawdeen? She usually has spikes on her shoes. But then again i wouldnt rule out a budget line Raven.



First thing I did was try on my OOAK “Dark Prism” Gown on Casta. It fits her well (it stretches) and really looks great with her color scheme. The gown is still available in my Etsy if anyone is interested.

I’m going to hopefully be using the long weekend to get some more things made for my shop, and finish my custom Cerise Wolf doll re-root.

Oh wow i love this! Im going to have to get this when i get Casta!